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Kimberly King, National Ms. Classic 2017


Kimberly King, National Ms. Classic 2017

  • Interview with Kimberly King, National Ms. Classic 2017


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Kimberly King, National Ms. Classic 2017

Dead On Movie Reviews – 10/10/2017

Originally aired on 10/10/2017

Rich Dalzotto returns to be our guest panelist tonight. Great movies to get you in the Halloween mood. I think this is the only podcast that came with a meal, also, but you’ll see what we mean. But stay away from the flutes, people!

Tonight’s Reviews:

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Dead On Movie Reviews – 10/10/2017

MAOTeen 2018 Named Youth Ambassador

Helping Increase Awareness of Childhood Hunger and Offer More Afterschool Meals to Young People
TAMPA, FLORIDA, OCTOBER 11, 2017 – Building on her platform “Healthy Food For All,” MAOTeen 2018, Jessica Baeder, has been named Youth Ambassador for the Get Healthy Talladega County afterschool and summer meals initiative. Jessica has recorded commercials and PSAs that are part of a video series for CHAMPS (Cities Combating Hunger through Afterschool and Summer Meal Programs). These videos will be shown in elementary schools to support the “Seed to Plate” and “Choose My Plate” and aim to provide education about the importance of choosing healthy foods and staying fit. They also include information about gardening, identifying fruits and vegetables and gardening tools.
“Too many children face a hunger gap between school lunch and the next school day’s breakfast,” said Baeder. “The Afterschool Meal Program provides nutritious meals alongside enrichment activities in a safe and supervised environment and helps combat childhood hunger. I am proud to be an Ambassador.”
Jessica will have the opportunity to travel all across the country and talk with students about this topic. Having become a second degree black belt at the age of 9, Jessica combines her Tae Kwon Do skills and philanthropic spirit to teach “Fit for Life” lessons at schools, emphasizing nutrition and fitness. Jessica wants to ensure that everyone has the information and opportunity to make good decisions about their health. She is committed to hands-on service, being a voice for positive change, and creating a nation of healthier children and families.
“It is important that children have the nutrition they need to grow up healthy, happy and prepared to succeed,” Baeder continued. . “I want to thank all the partners working together to increase access to this vital program: CHAMPS; Ending Childhood Hunger Alabama; the City of Sylacauga; the Alabama State Department of Education; FRAC (Food Research and Action Center); Get Healthy Talladega County Network; the Sylacauga City Schools and the FBLA and Journalism chapters at Sylacauga High School; the Talladega City Schools; Talladega County Schools; Alabama Food Solutions and the sponsoring agency, the SAFE Family Services Center.”

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PageantCast Vault Autograph Card: Amanda Dickes

Amanda Dickes, Miss Kenosha 2006
Amanda Dickes, Miss Kenosha 2006

Amanda Dickes, Miss Kenosha 2006, was a fleeting meeting. I believe she actually signed this for me in Oshkosh during pageant week.

There is a tradition at Miss Wisconsin (MAO) where they have a parade for the pageant contestants on main street and afterwards, they set up in an exhibit hall and people can come and get their autograph cards signed by the various contestants. A lot of my early collection comes from that event.

Not all my cards have long stories.

If you would like your autograph card featured here on a future Thursday with the PageantCast Vault, autograph your card and either scan it and send it to [email protected] or contact me at the same email and I’ll send you the physical address to mail it to me.

PageantCast Vault Autograph Card: Amanda Dickes

PageantCast Mail Bag: 10/11/2017

We know no one uses mail anymore, but here in the mailbag we put a selection of Instagram posts, Facebook posts and Twitter posts that we’ve been tagged in.

Including posts from: Saryna Ritter, Morgan Weaver, Holly Weselowski, Pam Heydt, Michelle Weisheim, Mrs. Racine County United States, Maggi Thorne (nvr_gvup), Miss Megaverse, AVA Live Radio, Gerri Walczak

Here’s this week’s selection:

Be Who You Want, How You Want🎀 #RiseUp

A post shared by Maggi Thorne (@nvr_gvup) on

I Dare You ⚠. …. I dare you, no, I triple dare you to NOT wait for the ‘opportune’ time to go after something you have been wanting in life 🙊Seriously though, don’t wait for perfect conditions to start your goals or dreams because those conditions of ‘perfect’ are very unlikely to occur anytime soon😑😑😑. ….. The truth is that the most talented, the most successful, the brightest, hardest, hustle savvy & might I add worthy individuals are often incredibly tapped out, busy, up to their ears in ‘to do’ lists and are bouncing off the walls, beating their heads against walls, falling, failing and coming across unsightly obstacles – ⚠⚠⚠. …. But this doesn’t stop them. They aren’t pushed down or discouraged by the trials, they understand that despite all the imperfect crap they endure that there will never be a more perfect time to address their goals 👑🎖🏆. …. If I would’ve waited for the ‘right’ time… well any of the goals I’ve achieved it be to late. The time would have passed me by now and I would still be ‘wishing’ for: ______ – I think it’s very important to remember to be satisfied with your life, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with BETTERING your life and in my eyes, that starts with a goal, a dream 💫✨💫. ….. So, I really do dare you to step outside of your busy lifestyle box and realize whatever it is you want, go after it! There will never be a more perfect moment to chase after those aspirations 🌎🌟😍 Whether it’s physique, career, relationship or personal goals … Go getter baby, I DARE you !! AND Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone 🦃🦃🦃. . . . Photo: @dave_laus 📸. MUA: @lorifabrizio from @twochicksandsomelipstick 💋. Location: @studiotwo22 🏛. Fueled by: @dynamisonline 💪🏻. . . . #RN #MrsCanadaGlobe #BikiniPro #OnlineCoach #Trainer #Model #PageantQueen

A post shared by Fitness & Lifestyle Coach YXE (@holly_weselowski) on

PageantCast Mail Bag: 10/11/2017

Michelle Weisheim, Mrs. Racine County United States


Michelle Weisheim, Mrs. Racine County United States

  • Interview with Michelle Weisheim, Mrs. Racine County United States


 Send in photos from Halloween costumes to [email protected]

Michelle Weisheim, Mrs. Racine County United States

Grayse Partners with The Miss America Foundation to Raise Funds for Miss America Scholarships

 Grayse Partners with The Miss America Foundation
to Raise Funds for Miss America Scholarships

Grayse Group 1.jpg

From Left: Marie Gray, Gloria Fine, Mary Hart, Susie Spanos, Kelly Gray,
Gayle Rosenthal, Sue Lowden, and Lynn Weidner

A special thanks to Lynn H. Weidner, Chairman of the Miss America Organization Board, and Susie Spanos, owner of the Los Angeles Chargers, for their exceptional efforts in organizing an incredible event and fashion show with Grayse By Kelly and Marie Gray to raise funds for the Miss America Foundation, Inc.Joined by Miss America 1965 Vonda Van Dyke, state titleholders, local titleholders, and supporters, the event was a great success! Thank you to all who attended and continue to support the Miss America Foundation and our mission to empower young women through scholarship.

Models Grayse.jpg

From Left: Kelley Johnson (Miss CO ’15), Katie Wayland (Miss City of Orange),
Jillian Smith (Miss CA), Jennifer Vaden Barth (Miss NC ’91),
Andrea Martinez (Miss NV),  Regina Athnos Edelman (Miss TN ’87), and
Caylynn Simonsen (Miss OC ’15)

Sam and Lynn.jpg

Executive Chairman and CEO Sam Haskell with
Chairman of the Board Lynn H. Weidner


Miss America 1965 Vonda Van Dyke with
Susan Davis from Pageant of the Masters, Laguna Beach

Don’t forget to shop Grayse By Kelly and Marie Gray through October 11th, 2017 using discount code MISSAMERICA or mention “Miss America” at a Grayse Boutique to benefit the Miss America Foundation!

Click HERE to shop Grayse By Kelly and Marie Gray.


About The Miss America Foundation (MAF)
The Miss America Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, proudly offers academic and community-based scholarships for undergraduate and graduate studies, as well as endowed scholarships for those young women attending medical school, working in special areas for military service awareness, and in the performing arts.

About The Miss America Organization (MAO)
The Miss America Organization, a 501(c) 4 non-profit corporation, awards millions of dollars in annual college scholarship assistance making it the largest scholarship program for women in the United States. MAO is comprised of 51 organizations, including all 50 states and the District of Columbia. MAO contestants contribute over 500,000 hours of community service annually and have raised over $16 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals since 2007.

Grayse Partners with The Miss America Foundation to Raise Funds for Miss America Scholarships