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PageantCast Vault Autograph Card: Skylar Witte

Skylar Witte, Miss Wisconsin USA 2017
Skylar Witte, Miss Wisconsin USA 2017

I wanted to prove I would include newer autograph cards that I received as well, so here’s one I received recently (in fact, I’ll tend to move the new acquisitions to the head of the line.)  Skylar Witte, Miss Wisconsin USA 2017 recently interviewed on the program and came out to the mighty, might TKPN Studios. We had a blast with our interview of her.

If you would like your autograph card featured here on a future Thursday with the PageantCast Vault, autograph your card and either scan it and send it to [email protected] or contact me at the same email and I’ll send you the physical address to mail it to me.

Skylar Witte, Miss Wisconsin USA 2017


Skylar Witte, Miss Wisconsin USA 2017

  • Interview with Skylar Witte, Miss Wisconsin USA 2017



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PageantCast Gazette: Halloween 2016

PageantCast Gazette: Halloween 2016

Our annual Halloween Costume episode features more than fifty photos and videos submitted by viewers. We have submissions from these pageant personalities this year: Alissa Brumbaugh, Ashley Bond, Ashley Kay Hanson, Damaris Ortega Rivera, DeAnna Burke Emborski, Janet Bierer, Jessi Krueger, Jessica Smith, Karly Knaus, Katie-Britt Greenway, Kim Gelao, Maureen Huebel, Megan Rae Wise, Melissa Parker, Pam Hawes-Berg, Amanda Grad, Ashley Cambers, Beverly Boerner-Reynolds, Crystal Ellis, Elena LaQuatra, Nicole Palmer, Jenny Pritchett, Kathryn Dunn, Adrienne De Rose, Kelly O’Bannon Burns, Keyla Childs, Mikki Wiley, Rachel Fikes, Kimberly Reichard, Lisa Anderson Sonnenberg, Lucia Arseni, Missy Bourque, Kimberly Hoff, Mikell Reed Carrol, Saryna Ritter, Skylar Witte, Teresa Mudrow, Tina Hayes, Terra Lindberg, Wendy Lindberg,  and Taylor Fitch.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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