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10th Anniversary Program

PageantCast Classic

Original Release: 01/21/2016

10th Anniversary Program

Including Anniversary wishes from…

  • Lindsay Jahnke
  • Debbie Permoda
  • Janet Bierer
  • Wendi Russo
  • Nikki Huber
  • Arabella Normand & friends
  • Christine Boll
  • Laura Buhmann
  • Deidre Cericola
  • Amy Gregorio
  • Matt Boyd
  • Meredith Boyd
  • Jillian Eyring
  • Michelle Field
  • Stephanie McGrane
  • Steven Roddy of ThePageantPlanet.com


Join the FIGHT FOR AIR team March 19, 2016 in Milwaukee to climb the steps of the U.S. Bank Building.  Our team is Climbing for the Crown! Join us at http://action.lung.org/goto/ClimbingForTheCrown and don’t miss the fun!

Submitting material to the PageantCast is as easy as 1-2-3!

Come up with an idea! (We know you have a great one! A recent crowning! A shout out! An appearance you just did!)
Record a short video (8 to 28 seconds is best) on your phone or webcam; remember to tell us your name and title in the video
Send it to [email protected]

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PageantCast Gazette: Miss Universe 2016 Roundup

PageantCast Gazette

Special thanks for all the video and photos from the Miss Universe Organization


For great content, week after week, subscribe to the PageantCast at http://www.pageantcast.com/

The new Pageantry Digital is now available

Pageantry Spring 2017

Pageantry Spring 2017
Pageantry Spring 2017

Featuring:Spring is the time of rebirth and everything new… especially when it comes to fashion. This special annual must-have edition sets a new record with over 40 eye-popping pages within our top-rated exclusive Fashion Showcase featuring the industry’s top fashion designers’ newest creations for the 2017 pageant, prom and social occasion season. Keep up with the season’s latest hair and makeup tips to complete your professional or every day look or glide gracefully into the evening with glamour and elegance. We don’t stop there! Catch up with Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach as she prepares to crown her successor. Venture to Anaheim California as we bring you all the highlights of the National American Miss Pageant, and then we’re off to Minnesota for our in-depthcoverage of the Miss Teen of America Pageant. In this current edition meet our featured Winners Circle honorees, Allison Dae, Tricia Travis and Kristabel Kenta-Bibi. Don’t forget, our writers always have you in mind with their expert advice. The Spring 2017 edition of Pageantry will provide you with all the latest fashion, beauty info, inspiration and insider secrets you need to succeed and look your best. From the team who helped found the Glamour Lifestyle Industry in 1962… Pageantry… Celebrating the Glamour Lifestyle!

Check it out at http://www.pageantrymagazine.com/Digital/PageantryDigital.html