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LIVE! Beauties of America pageant – Teen’s and 20’s

PageantCast Classic

Original Release: 9/9/2008

  • This week’s show:
    1. Introduction by Brittani Madala
    2. Opening Comments
      NOTE: 40’s recap will be on Friday, September 12, 2008; 30’s and 50’s recap on Tuesday, September 16, 2008
      PageantCast 4.0 is rolling out on the website
    3. Interview with Ashley Myhre, Beauties of America Teens 2007
    4. PROMO: Pageant Talk Radio with Valerie Hayes
    5. E-mail: Request for autographed headshots!Thorsten’s mail address:
      Thorsten Haas
      D-07548 Gera/GermanyPageantCast’s address:
      S85 W19892 Greenhaven Court
      Muskego, WI 53150
    6. Call us at  414-517-4908! (Remember episode 150 is on the way!)
    7. Interview with Rachel Naugle McCarville, Beauties of America 20’s 2007
    8. Interview with Laurie Kimsey, Beauties of America Teens 2008
    9. PageantCast Contest: Drawing for six month subscription to the TFTJ Cafe
    10. ID from Caitlin Morrall
    11. PODSAFE MUSIC: Love Me When I Leave by The Dares
      courtesy of Ariel Publicity
    12. Interview with Tiffany Morris, Virginia’s 20’s
    13. Interview with Katie-Britt Greenway,Beauties of America 20’s 2008
    14. PageantCast Tattler
    15. Quick interview with Maria Dimopoulos, Miss Teen North Carolina International 2008
    16. Closing

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