PageantCast Mail Bag
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September 8, 2017

PageantCast Mail Bag: 09/08/2017

We know no one uses mail anymore, but here in the mailbag we put a selection of Instagram posts, Facebook posts and Twitter posts that we’ve been tagged in.

Here’s this week’s selection:

This morning’s check in finds that I have slipped back just a little bit again. But we know the powers of my pals! We can do this! We have just Today, Saturday, and Sunday to go and I KNOW we can make it happen! It’s simple, just go to and click the vote button under my photo. I’m heading to Georgia in October to compete in the Miss American Beauties Plus Pageant in hopes of taking home a title and new opportunity to spread my word about the self-empowerment that can come from community service! However the outcome may fall, i am BLOWN AWAY by the amazing response my friends have had in helping me achieve these goals for pageant. I truly know that my success(es) and achievements in life have never come by my work aline. Thank you for rallying around me in these fun moments and the not so fun ones too! Let’s move this gap back up! 400+ votes yesterday means we can do it again!!! Thank you, friends! #ABPNationals #ABNIPageants #minnesotaamericanbeautiesplus #longdayahead #wecandoit #shareshareshare #votevotevote #thankyou

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I am going to call today Thankful Thursday. I want to take some time today whenever I manage to get a break away to thank those who have always helped me and worked hard to help me achieve goals that I have set for myself. The first one that never goes thanked enough, is Anna Williams at Annabelle’s Photography. Nearly every formal image I am using for competition comes fro her awesome sponsorship. Not only is she one of my besties, she’s been an amazing support throughout the years working hard to help me capture my best self. No pageant girl is any good without her photographer, so I must be pretty great by the sant reasoning! Please follow Annabelle’s if you haven’t already. And don’t forget to vote for me for covergirl today! I’m heading to Georgia in October for the Miss American Beauties Plus Pageant to hopefully take home the crown. Thanks all! #ABPNationals #ABNIPageants #minnesotaamericanbeautiesplus #pictureperfect

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