10th Anniversary Program

10th Anniversary Program

PageantCast Classic

Original Release: 01/21/2016

10th Anniversary Program

Including Anniversary wishes from…

  • Lindsay Jahnke
  • Debbie Permoda
  • Janet Bierer
  • Wendi Russo
  • Nikki Huber
  • Arabella Normand & friends
  • Christine Boll
  • Laura Buhmann
  • Deidre Cericola
  • Amy Gregorio
  • Matt Boyd
  • Meredith Boyd
  • Jillian Eyring
  • Michelle Field
  • Stephanie McGrane
  • Steven Roddy of ThePageantPlanet.com


Join the FIGHT FOR AIR team March 19, 2016 in Milwaukee to climb the steps of the U.S. Bank Building.  Our team is Climbing for the Crown! Join us at http://action.lung.org/goto/ClimbingForTheCrown and don’t miss the fun!

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Come up with an idea! (We know you have a great one! A recent crowning! A shout out! An appearance you just did!)
Record a short video (8 to 28 seconds is best) on your phone or webcam; remember to tell us your name and title in the video
Send it to [email protected]

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