LIVE! Beauties of America pageant – 30’s and 50’s

LIVE! Beauties of America pageant – 30’s and 50’s

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Original Release: 09/16/2008

LIVE! Beauties of America pageant – 30’s and 50’s

This week’s show:

  1. Introduction by Gina Starks
  2. Opening Comments
    Illinois International Pageant results (see story and photo gallery)
    PageantCast 4.5 now on the website
    Please call in your “shout-outs” to us at 414-517-4908 or e-mail us at [email protected]
  3. PROMO: Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd
  4. News from Turn for the Judges
  5. PageantCast Contest: Drawing for six month subscription to theTFTJ Cafe
  6. Interview with Nancy Kroese, Beauties of America 50’s 2007
  7. Interview with Bettina LaBoda, Ohio’s 50’s 2008
  8. PROMO:
  9. PROMO: Pageant Talk Radio with Valerie Hayes
  10. Pageants on Television!
  11. ID from Hayley Eisenhardt
  12. Interview with Traci Quinones, Beauties of America 30’s 2007
  13. PROMO: Halloween Haunt
  14. PROMO: Voice lessons with Karmyn Tyler –
  15. PODSAFE MUSIC: Perfect Day by Hello Dave
  16. ID from Peyton Saverance
  17. Call us at 414-517-4908! (Remember episode 150 is on the way!)
  18. Interview with Melissa Escaro, Pennsylvania’s 30’s
  19. Interview with Jolene Mathews, New York’s 30’s
  20. PROMO: Mothpod
  21. PROMO:
  22. ID from Krysten Moore
  23. PageantCast Tattler
  24. Closing

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