LIVE! Beauties of America pageant – 40’s

LIVE! Beauties of America pageant – 40’s

PageantCast Classic

Original Release: 9/2008

LIVE! Beauties of America pageant – 40’s

This week’s show:

  1. Introduction by Brittany Houle
  2. Opening Comments
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  3. PageantCast Contest: Drawing for six month subscription to the TFTJ Cafe
  4. PROMO: Pageant Talk Radio with Valerie Hayes
  5. Interview with Irvetta McMurtry, Beauties of America 40’s 2007
  6. PROMO: Savvy Magazine
  7. Interview with Nancy Burgess Case, District of Columbia’s 40’s
  8. Interview with Joy Wadsworth, Alabama’s 40’s
  9. Interview with Gretchen Caudell-Cantor, Texas’s 40’s
  10. ID from Andrea Berndt
  11. Call us at                414-517-4908        ! (Remember episode 150 is on the way!)
  12. PROMO: Ed’s Mixed Bag
  13. Interview with Amy Bell, New York’s 40’s
  14. Interview with Sandra Jordan, Maryland’s 40’s
  15. Interview with Suzanne Anderson, South Carolina’s 40’s
  16. Misty Carson ID
  17. Closing

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