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August 17, 2016

PAGEANTCAST POLL: What is your favorite Mrs. Pageant system?

What is your favorite Mrs. Pageant system?


Poll closes September 18, 2016.



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  • Susan turner

    Global United all the way director Wendy Lindberg

    Susan turner
  • Michelle Marie Hillman

    Global United really cares about the community and friendships are born thanks to Wendy Lindbergs direction in ensuring all the ladies leave the experience humbled and inspired by both her causes and the other amaxing wpmen who enter. Michelle Hillman Australia

    Michelle Marie Hillman
  • Steph

    Yes definitely Global United 😉 !!

  • diva4christ

    Go United America Pageant the BEST MRS Pageant hands down !!!!!!!

  • Sheila Berthelsen

    United America Pageant is, on all accounts, the ABSOLUTE BEST. You meet friends for life and I really do mean for life. Everyone tries to help all of the newbies to the system while still staying true to themselves and the system.

    Sheila Berthelsen
  • Steph

    I’ve been voting for Global United & the % still hasn’t changed :/ ??!!

  • Post authorPageantCast

    There are currently a lot of votes and only one vote counts per 24 hours.

  • Andrea Crigger

    Elite Global! Amazing pageant with a fabulous director!!

    Andrea Crigger
  • Susan turner

    It’s the 18th today.
    global United pageants of America Wendy Lindberg and our wonderful team of dedicated beauty queens full of heart and soul committed to caring for very sick children fighting cancer.
    Crossing fingers we have graced the voting poles can’t wait to hear the news.
    Xxx Sue Turner Australia.
    Sonny Turner Miss Teen Global United 2015 .

    Susan turner
  • Jessica Smith

    Good luck to all the amazing systems but Global United Pageants is near and dear to my heart!!! Wendy Lindberg is an Amazing director and friend and cares tremendously for all the contestants and royalty like family!!! Also the platform of childhood cancers is a near and dear one to me!!! As a multiple cancer survivor and cancer awareness as my platform Global United Pageants is above and beyond the best system!!! Thank you so much for all you do Wendy and staff!!! 😄💖🎗👑💖🎗

    Jessica Smith
  • Tracey Thornber Smith

    It’s to bad I just heard of this today because Mrs Universal and Mrs USA Universal would have had way more votes. The director truly cares about her delegates even years after they win or compete. Its a family system, based on giving back to communities the delegates live in and even around the country. Herself leading by example traveling on an IMR in Kenya I believe it was. She even traveled with a stranger in ambulance after the woman suffered a seizure at an MS fundraiser. Then staying with said woman until the woman’s family arrived. She is a stand up professional woman who gets back to contacts, far more quickly than a lot of companies I have worked with. Her fees are more than fair with gorgeous locations. Platforms platforms platforms. Well spoken, well rounded, well put together women working together to make our communities a better place each delegate’s platform(s)at a time. 2017 bringing Mrs, Ms, USA Universal (National competition) and Mrs,Ms, Miss & Mr Universal (International competition)

    Tracey Thornber Smith
  • Wendy

    Gosh, Jessica and crew! Thanks so much for the support, comments and votes! I’m so thrilled to have an international following of delegates and queens who work so hard to bring such a positive image and outcome to Global United’s efforts! You are all the best! 🙂


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